Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Anonymous release: Keystone Pipeline and Canada spying on Obama

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Anonymous in Canada is now releasing documents following the police shooting of James McIntyre,  jaymack9. The Anonymous member had posted on Twitter that he would be at the Dawson Creek meeting that night to support the Treaty 8 battle against Site C dam. He was shot by police when he arrived.
Now Anonymous is releasing spy documents. Read the news involving Keystone Pipeline and Canada's spying on Obama. Anonymous says it is prepared to expose more secrets of Canada and Harper.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Nihigaal bee lina Walking the Good Road to Cortez

Journey for Existence, Dine' youths walking to the Four Sacred Mountains, speaking out for protection of the land, water, air and all living things.

Death by US police accelerates as media and ethical attorneys fail the people

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The US attempted to cover up the US police murders while testifying before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in May. The countries of the world made it clear that they knew the facts. 
Now, these police murders, and deaths in jail, are increasing -- at least the reporting of these is increasing. 
A judge has now ordered migrant children released from jail, which violated international law. The US attempted to cover up the fact that migrant children were imprisoned in the US, before the UN Human Rights Council. 
Also during the cover-up, the US representatives claimed that the atrocities of homelessness of US veterans, and failed services to veterans, particularly in Phoenix, had all been resolved. 
On the issues of drone assassinations, torture and spying, the US had few words to offer in the attempted cover-up.
It was disturbing to see that Keith Harper, Cherokee, led this cover-up testimony before the UN. His law firm received millions, a large portion, of the Cobell settlement. 
As for those receiving Cobell checks, many Native Americans still do not know if when they cashed those checks if they were being paid for royalties owed for their land, or if by signing the checks they were giving up their Native ancestral lands. 
Both the news media, and ethical attorneys, are failing the people in these battles for justice. Particularly in Indian country, the national news media has collapsed into plagiarism and fraud, with reporters at Native news websites deceiving their readers into believing that they are out covering the news, when they are actually staying home and plagiarizing and rewriting others hard work. 
Where are the ethical attorneys who can expose the facts of the Cobell settlement? 
Where are the ethical attorneys who will bring justice for those who are victims of police racism and violence?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Google enforces takedown order on Censored News: Anonymous member killed

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Google has enforced a takedown order on Censored News and removed this article from Censored News: 'Canadian police kill Anonymous member defending Native land from dam.'  
Google has not provided the specifics as to why it was removed. 
Meanwhile, there are many articles on the web with the same information. 
The important point is that there are conflicting reports on the reasons police shot the Anonymous member James Daniel McIntyre, known as jaymack9, and there should be a real investigation. 
There is also a need for more news coverage on Treaty 8 land and water rights, and the battle of First Nations Treaty 8 to halt the Site C dam in BC. 
Among the many threats is the flooding of lands of medicinal plants. 

A Yahoo search will take you to the same information that Google has censored: (Search words: 'Anonymous Treaty 8 dam Dawson Creek' ) https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=AtLcXo9z6d.91RHOBmsLKsKbvZx4?p=Anonymous+Dawson+Creek+dam+Treaty+8&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-314&fp=1

Arizona Rep Gosar sinks to new lows in paternalism and white supremacy

Apache Stronghold grandmothers terrified Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar
this week when they came to his office door at the US Captiol.
Gosar called the cops on them.
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar -- who called the cops on Apache Stronghold grandmothers who came to his US Capitol office -- sank to many new lows this week, even for Arizona politicians.

In a statement reeking of paternalism and white supremacy, Gosar claims Apache can't think for themselves and are controlled by outside interests. Gosar said, "Anti-mining opponents have sunk to a new low by using members of the Apache Tribe to further their misguided effort ..." 

Gosar's statement is too ridiculous and self-serving to post and give publicity to. This is how they spin, Arizona racist politicians harnessed by corporate interests and racist underbellies.

Read more: Arizona Rep Gosar calls the cops on Apache grandmothers

DENVER Dine' Protest Proposed Saddle Butte Pipeline and Fracking of Chaco Region


Dine' and advocates press statement

Censored News
Photos by Krystal Curley, Dine'
French translation by Christine Prat
July 24, 2015

Today a group of indigenous peoples representing North America and Mexico, came together to protest the proposed oil pipeline to be constructed by Saddle Butte Pipeline if approved permission by the U.S. Department of Interior.  
A one page bullet-point notice by the group was delivered to the Vice-President of Engineering, Wayne Swafford, who met the group outside the building they are located in downtown Denver, Colorado.  The notice to Saddle Back listed the following:

We are the Caretakers of Land, Elders and the Children
We are advocates for our land and stand united with our allies
We unite to protest Saddle Butte’s plans to construct its proposed oil pipeline near our sacred Chaco canyon lands & the destruction of what fracking is doing to our precious drinking groundwater
We are here today to protect Mother Earth and her western rocky backbone

The proposed oil pipeline will begin from south of Farmington and end near U.S. Interstate 40 where railroad tracks are closely aligned to the freeway.  The proposed path for the pipeline will go through the Navajo Nation, indigenous communities, and near the infamous Chaco Canyon that is home to Pueblo Bonito.  Chaco Canyon is sacred to indigenous peoples from the Southwest region of the United States into Mexico and Guatemala.   

Several questions were posed to Mr. Swafford that included his thoughts on the impact to sacred lands and if he wanted to say anything to the Navajo People & other indigenous peoples.  His response was that the oil needs to get from point A to point B and that it is the only way to get there.  He further stated that Saddle Butte does not produce oil and is only trying to make it a safer environment for everyone.

Saddle Butte pipeline, stay out of our communities. Protect what is sacred to us. Water, land, life and Chaco canyon.  We stand united to protect Mother Earth.

Etta Arviso and Ken Augustine of Caretakers of Land Elders and Children Association sent the delegation with a message to Saddle Butte Company in Denver.

For more information: Anna Rondon, Dine' annarondon@msn.com


Chaco Canyon, one of the greatest windows to the past

Friday, July 24, 2015

Nihigaal bee lina Shiprock Block Party July 25, 2015

The Dine' walkers are walking through Beclabito today.
Join them Saturday in Shiprock to hear more about their walk to the Sacred Mountains and the need to protect the land, water and air for future generations.

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